Adult Day Care – Making a Smooth Transition

Taking care of an elder with Alzheimer’s or dementia can be tough on a family member. It can be traumatic for both you and your loved one when you realize you need help caring for them. From time to time a break, from care giving is necessary for the caregiver’s health and emotional well-being. Adult day care can be a good option.

Medical adult day care can provide the break you need while your loved one is well cared for in a safe environment. Still the transition from you continually caring for them to spending some of their time at an adult day care facility can be traumatic for both of you. Even though they may not be fully aware of everything, they will probably be aware of your absence as well as different surroundings.

Adult Day Care - Making a Smooth Transition

Transition to Adult Day Care for the Elder

Your loved one might not like the idea of adult day care initially. A change in their environment can be alarming. It is best to introduce them to adult day care gradually. Stop into the facility together for a brief visit. If your loved one typically accompanies you on daily errands, act as if it is just part of the routine. If it is out of the ordinary, make it something special and positive to look forward to. For the first few visits you may want to remain with them if possible, making the transition less abrupt.

Explain all the benefits adult day care can offer them. Depending on their cognitive condition, some of the benefits may be beyond their comprehension but share those they will understand.

  • An opportunity to get out of the house
  • Social interaction beyond the caregiver
  • Stimulating activities
  • Physical or speech therapy as needed
  • A possible delay in the early stages of cognitive decline
  • Prolonged sense of independent living

Adult Day Care - Making a Smooth Transition

Transition for the Caregiver

Adult day care can be a transition for the caregiver and they may experience an adjustment period as well. After being solely responsible for their loved one’s care, it can be difficult to put their well-being in someone else’s hands. They may feel a form of separation anxiety or a lack of purpose. It is not uncommon for a caregiver to be a bit lost and unsure of what to do with this new found free time.

At first, the caregiver may experience guilt or constant worry while their loved one is at adult day care. Once they see the positive effects resulting from adult day care for the elder, they will relax. Confident in their loved ones safety and well-being, they can begin to enjoy the benefits adult day care can provide for them.

  • Stress relief
  • Reduced possibility of depression
  • Predictable hours to attend to personal needs or run errands
  • The ability to continue caring for your loved at home
  • More affordable than in-home care
  • Improved elder disposition, creating easier care giving
  • Rejuvenation that facilitates more positive care giving
  • Possibly connecting with other caregivers and professionals for support

It is unfortunate that we sometimes wait until the elder is too ill or the care giver is beyond burnt out to seek adult day care. It seems it is often viewed as a last resort or the transition is just too difficult. This is a shame as it can positively impact the lives of both the elder and the care giver.

Signature Senior Services is a full service eldercare company with a focus on Senior Medical Adult Day Care and Assisted Living facilities. Our goal is to offer an alternative to senior care by providing a progressive, fun, clean, safe, affordable environment for loved ones. Contact us to see how you and your loved one can benefit from adult day care.






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