Adult Day Care in Paterson – Is It Right For Your Loved One?

Do you have an elderly loved one who you hate to leave home alone? It’s hard to focus on other responsibilities when you’re busy worrying whether or not your loved one is safe, or if they’re getting their proper medication and nutrition while you are out. If you are a senior caregiver, you should consider enrolling them in adult day care in Paterson.

Seniors Need to Socialize

In retirement-aged adults with restricted mobility, depression and isolation can often ensue when spending days on end in the house without companionship or meaningful activities. It’s important for seniors to socialize and be around like-minded people their own age, who understand their lifestyle and want to partake in cooperative activities.

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By attending adult day care in Paterson, seniors can fend off the causes of depression by making new friends, and engaging in new activities such as games, crafts, and group exercises. These operations are proven to help keep the brain active and protect against feelings of isolation.

Seniors Whose Caregivers Have Work

Another cause of isolation is when primary caregivers or family members have responsibilities outside of the home that they need to tend to during the day.

It’s important for caregivers to maintain their personal obligations while ensuring that their loved one is safe and happy during the day.

Both seniors and their caregivers deserve some downtime during the week. Adult day care in Paterson can facilitate that healthy separation. Seniors can return home at the end of the day, to have dinner and regroup with their family. This is a great way for everyone to bond without ostracizing your senior family member from the discussion of daily events.

Seniors Needing Assistance with Nutrition and Medication

It’s very important that elderly people get the proper medications and nutrition to maintain their health. It’s common for a senior when left alone, to accidentally take too little or too much of a given medication, which can have negative side effects.

Many seniors eventually have trouble or don’t bother cooking for themselves. Although, It is increasingly important with age, to have a proper meal that provides necessary vitamins and minerals.

Adult day care in Paterson can provide medication administration as well as meal preparation. Caregivers can go about their day assured that their loved ones are getting the nourishment and sustenance that they need to live a happy and healthy life.

Seniors With Dementia or Alzheimer’s

Anyone who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s should never be left on their own. But, nursing home facilities can be costly and can lead to undesired stretches of separation between seniors and their families. Many families prefer to have their loved ones living at home as long as possible.

Adult day care can provide everything that Alzheimer’s patients need to maintain their daily routine while making sure there is minimal disturbance in their lives. Caregivers can breathe easily knowing that their loved ones are receiving proper supervision while getting their medications, meals and entertainment, all in one place.

senior care and activities center montclair nj

Adult Day Care in Paterson

If your loved one falls into any of the above categories, you may want to consider adult day care in Paterson, to assure that both of you can continue to live your lives to the fullest.

Signature Senior Services is an adult day care facility with 20 years of experience in assisting seniors with regular maintenance in their mature lives. They provide personalized care and invigorating activity curriculums for any senior. Contact Signature Senior Services to learn more about which services are best suited for your senior loved one.


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