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Meals and Nutrition are a Priority

We understand the benefits of a healthy diet for our clients. Nutrition and well-balanced meals are important at all ages but putting extra focus on eating habits for older adults is essential to their well-being. Because of this we make sure to provide quality meals at all of our facilities. We also assist patients who require help eating.

Some challenges seniors might face in terms of diet are slowed metabolism, digestive system changes and appetite changes. We work with our patients to find them a healthy diet that works with their changing bodies. We want to make sure our clients stay strong and healthy both physically and mentally. Without good nutrition, their emotions may change causing separate health issues. Our professional caretakers create nutrition plans to meet the needs of every client.

Increased mental acuteness

Faster recovery times

higher energy levels

resistance to illness

Positive emotional balance

Personalized Care

Hygiene Care
Hygiene Care

We assist our clients toileting needs and washing up when needed.

Grooming Aids
Grooming Aids

We provide grooming services such as hair washing, cuts and sets.

Medication Monitoring
Medication Monitoring

We will keep track of when medication is taken and how much.

Health and Fitness

Physical Therapy

For seniors, physical therapy can be vital to completing every day tasks. Physical therapy programs for seniors help them increase strength, range of motion, flexibility, coordination and endurance. By improving all of these on a regular basis, seniors are more likely to keep up with everyday life and assist in their own care.


Yoga may seem like a challenge to many but when practiced correctly, it can be an easy, relaxing way to improve health. For seniors, yoga can help reduce stress, fatigue and pain while increasing strength and balance.


Like yoga, Pilates helps increase strength and balance. The benefit of Pilates is the low-risk it has compared to weight-baring exercises. Additionally, because of it’s focus on the core, it helps seniors maintain balance to reduce the risk of falling.

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