Having some fun and staying social

Socialization of Our Seniors

We set the bar for Medical Adult Day Care Centers by offering non-traditional amenities to provide comfort, convenience and stimulation for our seniors. In addition to our quality healthcare services, we have plenty of activities for our seniors to participate in. We think keeping our seniors socialized is an important part of improving their stay with any Signature Senior Services facility. With us, they gain connections and build relationships that they normally wouldn’t have access to. This may even help improve their overall health. Socially active seniors have seen benefits such as:

Lower Blood Pressure

Improved brain health and memory

Stronger immune system

Improved physical health

We offer therapeutic activities such as physical exercise, including yoga and Pilates, as well as entertainment including karaoke, chess and online web-based social resources such as Facebook and Skype to support socialization with outside family and friends. Our centers provide a safe, clean, fun and loving atmosphere where our clients are comfortable spending their quality time. We offer a personal touch, such as birthday cards and parties to keep our clients feeling loved.

Staying Connected


Using the largest social platform, we help seniors stay connected to family and friends outside of our facilities.


Video chatting helps our seniors maintain contact with relatives and friends who may be hundreds of miles away.


We use technology to maintain connections for our seniors by training them on the most used platforms.

Fun and Games

Our calendar is filled with an exciting and stimulating variety of physical activities and special events

Karaoke and Dancing

Shopping and Movies

Trips and Barbecues

Ping Pong and Bingo

Swimming and Pool Activities

Art Classes and Painting

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